Friday, May 23, 2014

Welcoming a New Dreamer!

I'm more than elated to introduce you to the newest member of my Dream Team, Linsey Rickett.  You are going to be blown away by her incredible talent, and I know you are going to drool over the sampling of some of her projects I've chosen to share today. 

I met Linsey through Word Art Wednesday as I was browsing all the amazing creations from our weekly participants.  We have nearly 200 link-ups on our challenge page there every week.  It's a great place to find wonderful inspiration and amazing talent. 

Let me share just a few of her projects.  She will be debuting her first Daydream project on her blog sometime today I believe, so give her a visit at Outside the Lines.

This is the beauty that first caught my eye.  I LOVE mixed media and canvas art, and I fell absolutely in love with this little girl and the quote.  It's actually an amazing doctrinal truth.  The apostle Paul speaks in the book of Romans about how God's creation is sufficient to make man aware that there is a Creator (Romans 1:20).  Creation is enough to make the human soul seek the Sovereign of the universe.  When we look around at creation or see blessing in our lives, whether we are believers or not, those things beckon our spirits to draw near to the one true God.  Linsey just captured all of this so beautifully in her design that I sat looking at it with tears in my eyes.  Don't you love it when art evokes such deep emotion?  Hers certainly did.  Really, I just can't quit looking at this piece.  And you know what is really amazing?  This is Linsey's FIRST try at mixed media!!! Can you even imagine what she will be able to do?   

Really....just look at the balance of this card.  While at first glance it has a collage appearance, a closer examination reveals very thoughtful placement of each element for artistic balance.  I love the mix of shiny golds and tattered canvas, all framed with an elegant die.  The blend of polka dots and stripes is expertly coordinated.  Masterful. 

As I browsed Linsey's blog, prayerfully seeking affirmation for her invitation, I noted such variety.  She's working out of the box and "Outside the Lines" consistently, but with skill and decorum.  Linsey's blog is a breath of fresh air.  Her humility is beautiful.  It's part of what makes her heart so endearing.  Her love for the Lord is exuberant and obvious, but gentle at the same time.  She absolutely won me over with the touches of shabby chic on this one. 

And one final little peek of this Dreamer's talents.  Then you must go to Outside the Lines and see her work for yourself.  You will not be disappointed.  I must have been having an emotional day when I last visited her blog.  This card made me a little a grateful-to-God sort of way.  I've been praying so hard over the last several months about so many things in our family.  It seems as though everyone is in need of God's intervention in one way or another.  Everyone in my immediate and my extended family are facing either huge challenges or big changes.  And to a person, each is faithful knowing God holds their future, their days and their hearts.  But when I read the sentiment...I just sort of broke know, the quiet weeping in gratitude at the unexpected way God speaks to us to reassure.  Linsey's card just spoke to me...God is hearing all the prayers of our family, He understands and He cares.  That is such a huge blessing. 

See what I mean?  Isn't she fantastic?  Linsey, I'm so grateful to God that you are joining my team.  You will be among some of the most amazing women, full of talent, who love the Lord like you do.  We form a quick bond with each other, and we already love you, sister and friend.  You are a blessing to me already, and you bless so many others with your artwork.  You just need to know that.

And may you, dear guests, be blessed by knowing above all, God hears and understands your prayers.  He neither sleeps nor slumbers and works on behalf of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.  He knows your heart!!!


  1. Wow. I am so happy to be here and my heart is so full. Thank for such a beautiful and heartfelt introduction and for sharing some of my recent projects. I am greatly looking forward to getting to know lots of wonderful new friends and sharing some art projects along the way! It's going to be an amazing journey, I just know it! Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and so special. I am a Dreamer!! What a great blessing!!!

  2. Welcome, Linsey!!! :) Mynn xx


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