Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Word Art Wednesday: Personal Praises

Welcome to Word Art Wednesday and another opportunity to partner with us to encourage others through our personal art work.  We deeply appreciate everyone who links their creations to our challenge blog because we are always inspired.  We have a wonderful network of new and familiar friends who come Word Art Wednesday each week, and we want to say thank you for your support.

Karen Murray's WordArt this week is especially beautiful, both in graphic design and in her selection of scripture.  Amazing how she chooses all my favorites!  This one is especially powerful for me and my family this week as we praise Him for His divine intervention.

As some of you may know, my son and his wife have been facing a number of challenges during their first year of marriage.  She is finishing requirements for a more permanent status of her legal immigration, and my son is sponsoring her sons so they can join them here in the United States.  My daughter-in-law is also in a difficult struggle to terminate the guardianship of a woman who pretended to help her when she was brand new to our country.  It's a long story and though I have very strong feelings about how this woman betrayed an innocent young immigrant, I choose to focus instead on how God is working in the situation to reunite my three precious grandchildren with their mother and to experience the joys of being a real family.

This has been a long trial in every sense of the word, but we are seeing God's hand move in miraculous ways.  The boys immigration process was miraculously expedited through no human effort.  It is clear God intervened.  Today was a hearing regarding guardianship over my granddaughter and we can praise God for some clear indications He is working there too.  We believe it will not be long before the three children are living together again under one roof....and under the shelter of the Almighty.  So I just want to offer personal praise to my Sovereign God who rules the universe and still cares enough about us to step into the deepest part of hearts and lives.  He has proved to us He is indeed alive, He is a Rock to us when we are on otherwise sinking sand, and we want to exalt His name for His faithful and merciful love to us.

My older grandson, CJ who is 10, has been praying faithfully for months to be reunited with his mother and my son, "Daddy-Matt," and the little sister he hasn't seen for 2 years.  He was very protective of her and he continues to be so concerned about her situation.  His faith has amazed me, and I have prayed that God would listen to his prayers, and move on his behalf to favor him and grant him the desire of his heart.  What a precious young man he is, and he has already found his way to my heart.  I've prayed that God would grant CJ favor so that his faith would be increased and he would have the blessing of exalting and praising the name of Christ.  I believe we are witnessing answers to all our prayers.  My God IS a rock, and I love to exalt His name for His great mercy.

My card for this week was very, very simple. I thought it would be a great one to send to someone when I rejoiced in their good news.  I just tore a page from an old hymn book I found. 

Set Used:

1 color image, 1 outline image, 4 digi papers and 5 sentiments
JPEG and PNG / 300 ppi/ can be resized


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  1. Your card is lovely, Diane! I enjoy the classic B&W colour scheme. Gorgeous music paper, lovely scripture, and thank you for the beautiful gingham paper. I pray that your family will overcome their trials and will be reunited again. I stopped by to let you know I used one of your digis on a card I made today and wanted to share it with you:

    It was one of your blog hop freebies a while back. Thank your for your generosity - I enjoy your digis very much! Wishing you a blessed day!

  2. What a beautiful and encouraging post Diane. I didn't know about the long term hardships your son and daughter-in-law have been enduring for such a long period of time. I can imagine how difficult this process must be for all involved. I'm so sorry. However, I am inspired by the progress that seems to be taking place and that God is answering CJ's prayers. What a great blessing that he has such an outstanding example of love for our Lord and Savior in your and your husband. I will add your son, DIL and the children to my prayer list and we will pray for them in my ladies bible study group on Wednesdays. Of course I'll be praying daily for you all but my prayer list is for the extra boost we sometimes need and I believe there is great power in numbers when we pray fervently in the name of our lord and savior. You are so wonderful and inspire me in many way and I thank God for you. Your card is absolutely beautiful and so is your black and white gingham pattern from your Poppies For You collection. LOVE the message so much. Thank you for sharing this post. Wishing you a very blessed day!

  3. Diane, I was in the midst of a custody battle when I was very little between my biological Mother and my Dad. It was a few years of being back and forth and a very tumultuous time in my and my older brother's life. Court ordered papers were lost, and a long time of suffering neglect by an alcoholic mother ensued. .Ultimately, my Nana, (my biological mother's mother) kidnapped us and took us from Colorado to Texas to be with my Dad who by then had remarried my step-mom. I look back and though some of those childhood scenes are blurred, I can say without a doubt that God intervened on our behalf. I always say I was saved (rescued, delivered) twice in my life! Praise God!! CJ will have a powerful testimony as will all of you when the story is finished. And I am so encouraged to hear how God has intervened on everyone's behalf. I know your heart must be anxious at times...I am praying as are many others!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart Diane, and the freebie. May you know God's peace as you continue on this path - what an example and encouragement CJ must be to you all.

  5. I LOVE the beautiful monochrome, Diane! This is fabulously elegant! :) HUGS and enjoy the rest of your week! Mynn xx

  6. This is gorgeous :) love the black and white design !

  7. Beautiful and elegant card, Diane!

    I was so thankful to see your update on FB of how the Lord is working! You all will continue to be in my prayers!!

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie. I know you believe in the power of prayer, so your prayers are so deeply appreciated. I've had so many friends gather at Jesus' feet to petition for this little family. I'm so very, very grateful you are one of them. Thank you, Debbie!

  8. Diane,
    The card is a beauty. I really am fond of black and white and all musical scores. Who in their right mind would go up against the living God? This Psalm is what I am praying for your sweet grandchildren. Psalm 25
    1. Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul.
    2. O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.
    3. Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed: let them be ashamed which transgress without cause. Love and prayers, Carole


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