Thursday, December 8, 2016

Silent Night, Holy Night

It was a holy night for sure...but silent?

I've often wondered what would have been silent about the night Christ was born. It probably wasn't too quiet in that stable while the biggest miracle since creation was taking place. Rarely is the birth of a child a "silent" activity anyway! Once the angels broke forth in singing, that had to be gloriously loud. And surely there was a thunderous applause in heaven as the Light of heaven pierced the darkness of a sin-sick world. Salvation had come! Thousands of hallelujahs sung in perfect harmony by a heavenly choir...totally not silent!

Still the Christmas carol, Silent Night remains the favorite of many because it describes the awesome wonder of the event. Perhaps for seconds as the Savior was emerging into our world, the heavens waited silently, breathlessly for the miracle of His birth. But if it was silent, I have no doubt the silence was measured in mere seconds before the universe responded in a holy cacophony of worship and praise.

When we embrace the Savior, our hearts too sing for joy. We cannot be silent when the Holy Spirit grips us. I remember once several years ago while I was driving in my car, a particularly moving song was playing on the radio. I was instantly transported to holy ground and I could not contain my worship. I sang with the music and was so overcome with joy that I almost stopped my car so I could get out, raise my hands in praise and dance in His presence. I'm sure that would have caused many to stare if not to also report the odd behavior of a disturbed woman along the side of the road! But really...have you had a similar experience...a time when your praise could not be confined to silence and you had to break forth in audible adoration? Of course you have! Because when Christ is truly in our hearts, we cannot be silent.

Christmas is a wonderful time to let others know about the Savior of the world. If Christians raise their voices to point to the reason we celebrate, the world might gnash their teeth, but they have to take notice, and they do hear us. Keeping Christ is Christmas is more than a slogan or bumper sticker. It's a real cultural challenge facing believers today. Strong forces seek to remove Christ from every element of our society. If believers are silent, it's easier to acquiesce. So...let us NOT be silent. We can quiet our hearts with the reverence and beauty of the season, but let us covenant to share Jesus with others who do not claim Him as Savior of their souls or Lord of their lives.

My Bible journaling for this project went into an art journal instead of my Bible because I wanted it large. I used Mod-Podge to affix everything to the page. I also enlarged the stamped images (colored with Copic marker), so they were better balanced on the size of the 2-page spread. The verse is from Zephaniah. An unlikely verse for Christmas time, but powerfully prophetic.

Stamps are from Sweet 'n Sassy stamps. For another week, all alpha stamp sets are on sale. Head to their Facebook page for details and more samples.

                 Shake It Off Caps Alpha                         Script Alpha

 Celebrate the Savior

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