Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Word Art Wednesday: Desiring God

You've probably heard the quote: "When you find you have nothing but God, you discover He is all you need."  Each one of us has come to points in our life when we reach the end of our resources.  We are financially stretched to the max, emotionally taxed beyond our ability to cope, and physically worn out.  We don't have anymore, we can't give anymore and we can't go anymore.  Have you been there?

Most of our discouragements in life come because we expect too much or desire things that are not healthy for us.  We expect a trouble-free or at least a "trouble-freer" life and we want what we want when and how we want it....if we are honest, right?  Maybe this occurs to varying degrees and doesn't describe us most of the time, but each of us at some time has run after that which cannot satisfy and cannot fix what is broken.

Just imagine the pain and frustration we could alleviate if we would but turn to God and desire nothing but His grace over our lives, His power in all circumstances and His help in times of trouble. If we could only realize that all else but Him is flawed and finite.  If we want the resources of heaven to be showered upon us (and I'm not speaking about a prosperity gospel here), we would do well to fix our deepest desires upon the God of the universe.

I'm learning to love those faith-stretching times when I know that only God can redeem the circumstances in which I find myself.  I know there is no other place to turn and I've become faithful enough to really believe God will meet me at my point of need.  I truly believe when I need a miracle, He is ready to shower me with them; when I need refreshing, He has living water to splash over my spirit.  God is all I need...I am a work in progress for Him to be all that I desire.  I'm getting closer, and He is leading me to that point.

I hope you won't think I'm bragging, but I really do love the look of my Country Morning paper pack. First, I love the colors. As I was designing, the color scheme just emerged.  I didn't have a real plan.  But I happened upon this delicious aqua and thought black would contrast to it so nicely.  I also love the way my gingham turned out.

If you look closely at the gingham you will see specks and undertones of black.  At first, I was skeptical about mixing in black with such a light, bright color, but really the effect is quite yummy!  I love the gingham with the print too, and the boldness of black gives it a slight French Provential  look.   I was happy with the black and white flowers I added as accents.  I had some green leaf stick pins in my stash and I just used a black permanent sharpie to color it black, to echo the black leaves of the floral print. I stuck the pin just behind and above the black rose.

Here's my simple little project for our challenge.  And the verse presents a simple truth: There is nothing we should desire more that God. 

Daydream Designs Set(s) Used:

12 sheets / 12 x 12 / 300 ppi / resizable

I do hope you will join us at the Word Art Wednesday blog for this week's link-up challenge.  We LOVE having your designs there and always look forward to what you will create.  Our sponsors are always amazing and there are always very excited winners.  It could be YOU! 

Thank you for blessing my day!


  1. Absolutely stunning, Diane! LOVE these gorgeous colors! :) HUGS! Mynn xx

  2. Very Lovely Diane - you do such a nice job with your layouts! Blessings - Gail

  3. Oh, I love your card! I love the colors! It's beautiful! Thank you for the words of encouragement today, too. I needed them! Have a blessed day! ~H

  4. Those are beautiful colors together and your card is lovely, Diane! I especially am appreciative of your thoughtful words and Godly wisdom. Thanks for being so faithful. Hugs~Traci

  5. Beautiful card, Diane! Love the color scheme, very pretty. Sweet paper pack, too!!


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