Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm So Excited!

....and I just can't hide it!

                            I took the plunge!

I'm a brand new independent consultant for jamberry nails, and I simply couldn't be more excited! These gorgeous nail wraps are amazing!  I'll be posting several times this weekend sharing some really exciting news...and inviting you to my BIG LAUNCH PARTY!   

Showcasing Icy Rose Polka
(note how shiny they are!!!)

Here are just a few fun facts about

Isn't that incredible?! The last time I had a gel nail manicure at a salon, my nails were almost ruined.  So I determined I would just do regular polish.  Day 2, most nails were chipped.  I'd seen flashes of Jamberry Nails online, but never investigated what they were.

This is a nail revolution, girlfriends!

I'll be sharing some really fun things this weekend, sending you an invitation to join my launch party
 and showcasing more samples so you get to know and love Jamberry Nails.  But I know what you really want to see right now....
Click on the Picture to see it all for yourself!

I simply cannot wait to share more with you about these fabulous nail wraps.
Tell me what you'd most like to know in the comments
or email me with your questions.

Soon I'll be opening my new blog just to rave about Jamberry Nails,
but for now, this is the place to see how much fun I'm having!

Thanks for stopping to listen to me squeal with delight!

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  1. Super exciting, friend! :) Hope it is a wonderful journey for you! Mynn xx


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