Thursday, February 6, 2014

Take Time for Tea

I'm acquiring a taste for tea.  Banned now from coffee...well, caffeine...I have discovered that I like tea more than I thought I did.  I never could brew a cup of good tea.  My two sisters-in-law are quite adept at the skill...and it is a skill. 

A good cup of caffeine free tea can be an exquisite experience.  To make it even more so, I purchased a new tea pot and tea cups.  Now I feel quite stylish.  I've been researching teas...on Pinterest mind you, and have found this fun little chart.  I make no claim to its accuracy...

 I found more reasons for drinking tea, but this little chart lays it out succinctly.  I like #2 and #3...yet overall while accomplishing those feats, it still gives you #4.  Amazing!  I think I shall pour a cup while I blog. It is important to take time for those things that are good for you!

I've truly had the most fun with my tea time sets.  I promised a week of them, and I have more sets and samples to share.  Check out the last two posts for earlier samples. 

I been balancing my time creating with color images and outline images that I color with watercolor mediums or Copic markers.  But these little color sets do make life...and crafting...really easy, and they turn out beautifully.  I've copied and pasted images from the Tea and Roses ensemble. 

The sentiment comes from my Tea Time get a double package.  I recolored the sentiment to match my card.  I also printed an extra cup to be able to create dimension one the left hand cup/tea bag.  I actually created the cup using the Tea and Roses set and layered the tea bag from the Tea Time Accessories set.  The papers come from the coordinating mini paper pack, Tea and Roses. 

I was happy with the way this 5-1/4" square card turned out.  I try to match my color images to Stampin' Up colors because I have a ton of their cardstock.  I was happy these colors were a perfect match. 

I also wanted to share some of the sweet projects made by my Dream Team gals.  Oh, my look at these...

by Elizabeth Hart

 by Amy Almeida

by Jerusha Borden

 by Gail Scott

I'd love to see what you do with any of these tea sets.  And remember they are available in outline version as well so you can create your own color scheme. 

Thanks for stopping in.  You've blessed my day!


  1. I agree with your list Diane! Caffeine free tea is fabulous! (Although I do still drink the occasional coffee (full of caffeine) :-) Love your new tea time sets and love the card you made. Such gorgeous cards by the DT also!

  2. Your list is sobering...I am thinking that is true only of the caffeine-free variety, and i prefer black tea. Let me know if you discover some good ones! Love the blue, polka dots, cherries, and sentiments as well! Congrats on your new teapot, too!!


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