Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Keep It Clean!

This is a quick and fun page to represent the book of Leviticus. It might seem that Leviticus is full of detailed, tedious rules and regulations that we can't imagine following today, but we need to remember where God's people were in the process of His purpose. God was creating a people set apart, a people who would be holy because they followed a holy God. As His people, they needed to be pure and sanctified so God established the way for that to occur. Their obedience to rules for clean living would contribute to having clean and pure hearts before the Lord. 

If you were to summarize the book of Leviticus and its application for us today, it would be "keep it clean." The page is intended to be perky and fun, but it actually serves as a sobering reminder to me to live a clean life. Our bodies are houses for God's Spirit. We need to try to keep them free of contamination...a challenge in our culture I know. We need to keep our minds free of contamination. Our thoughts, words and actions all need to reflect that a pure, high and holy God lives within us. The little things do matter and Leviticus certainly reveals this truth. The details of God's commands show us that He cares very deeply about the details of our lives and how we are living them. We cannot look at Leviticus and think it is entirely irrelevant to our culture. We know Christ brought a new covenant and with it God freed us from the law, from some of the former obligations to attain righteousness. Believers were given a new freedom from some of the dietary laws, for example, but they were not excused from keeping themselves clean, pure and uncontaminated. We would probably all do well to continue to follow the health regulations of scripture, not in a legalistic way, but to enjoy the gifts of grace God gives us. We are well served by examining our lives, what we take in mentally, physically and emotionally and making sure we are keeping it clean!

I used some delightful stamps from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps to design the page: How Tweet, Silhouettes: Tall Grasses, Shake It Off Lowercase Alph, Seek Him. I just hand drew the bird bath, stamped the rest, drew the clothesline and punched out the hanging hearts. I used Copic markers for coloring, and Stampin' Up! inks for all the stamping.

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