Wednesday, December 10, 2014


My sewing machine stays "out" and at the ready all the time.  Sadly I just don't get to do as many projects on it now as I would like.  I actually love to sew, though I don't sew clothing too much any more.  An apron here or there and I have a doggie coat that I want to make before winter is over.

Really soon I plan to buckle down and get some serious quilting finished.  I have three quilting projects in various stages and I really need to bring them to a close.  I had so much fun designing this sewing-themed digi stamp ensemble this past summer.  I still love my fabric stash so I had to design some of those for the set.  Since I've closed my store I'll insert a few images for you to play with.

This machine brings to mind my mother's old Bernina that she used to make all my clothes on when I was a little girl.  I can clearly remember hearing the hum of that machine long into the night as my mother sacrificed her sleep many times to have the peace and quiet to finish her projects.  Every special occasion in my life was made more special because my mother made my clothes for each one...recitals, Christmas programs, Valentine's Day parties, Easter outfits, proms and even my wedding dress!  She continued to make clothes for me when I taught school and made a whole new wardrobe of maternity clothes for me.  If I would spend the time I could probably describe almost every one of them.  One of my favorites was a "poodle-type" skirt only it was a circus theme.  She copied the pattern from my baby sister's wallpaper.  She made a very full tulle petticoat so my circular skirt whirled and twirled just perfectly.  

At some point she shifted from making clothes to quilting, and she's made some amazing quilts.  Everyone in our extended family has received their own personal quilt designed and hand quilted by her loving hands.  I just think all of that is an extraordinary accomplishment for her.  Right now, at 87 years old, she is at my sisters and is knitting like crazy to finished sweaters for her 2 great grandsons.  Isn't that amazing?!

With every little image I did for this entire ensemble I thought of my mother, how very precious those memories of her sewing days are to me, and the beautiful way she expresses love to her family.  We are blessed by her so much.  So here are a few of the images.  While they may not hold the meaning for you that they did for me, I hope you can enjoy them. 

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  1. I love this so many of my friends sew, I used to but being in full time ministry we travel a lot . Thank you bunches hugs,Cathy K


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