Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Word Art Wednesday: Want a Lift?

I always look forward to Word Art Wednesday day!  It's like a breath of fresh air mid-week to find encouragement and instruction from God's Word through the beautiful graphic designs of Karen Murray.  Visit our challenge blog for more DT inspiration and chances to win amazing prizes from our sponsors.

This week's verse gently reminds us of how we are to stand before the Lord of the universe.  Not surprisingly, humility is the proper stance.  Humility requires balance in our self-image. 

In the simplest of terms humility is the virtue of a modest self image...not thinking more of yourself than you ought (Romans 12:3).  We can easily see application in this when thinking of arrogant, assertive people, those who are braggarts..I'm sure you're getting a picture of someone in your mind right now!  But the implications of this verse go beyond thinking too highly of oneself.

Arrogant, prideful people are indeed self-centered.  The world revolves around them.  However, I contend that it is also a sinful attitude to debase oneself.  I know women who are constantly degrading themselves, dissatisfied with every element of their appearance.  They think they are fat, out of style, hair is not right, can't find clothes to fit...on and on.  Self loathing is not godly.  We were formed by God, designed according to His plan for His purposes.  We need to take our minds off of ourselves and focus on God and the mission He has for us in life.

When we center our minds and our lives on Christ, there is no room for complaining, or thinking too much of ourselves one way or the other.  Could you imagine how much it would grieve God to hear a believer say, "I hate myself!"  I've heard that many times from many people.  I've been in the same room with women literally half my size talking about how fat they are.  I conclude they are thinking so much of themselves that have no concept of how that might make me feel.  With such self loathing, how they must despise me and my appearance.  What a miserable way to live!

I'm certainly not where I'd like to be physically.  I want to be healthier first and foremost.  I've been confined since Thanksgiving to moving in a wheelchair or crutches (severe injury to my ankle), and I cannot wait until I can lay my crutches down and start walking off some of the pounds I've accumulated.  I want to slim down...however, I don't constantly think about my size.  I don't think of my worth in terms of my appearance.  My worth comes solely from what Christ has already accomplished on the cross.  I was worth enough to Him, that He died to save me and secure a home with Him in heaven.  How could I put a price on that kind of love and sacrifice?  I acknowledge my health challenges, but I don't allow them to make me view myself in a sinful way.  And, while we all will wrestle with pride in various ways at different times (wanting to be right, putting our interests above others),  I can't claim any worth or accomplishment apart from Christ.  Any good that comes from me comes because Christ bought me, redeemed me, and is making me look more and more like Him everyday.  I have a LONG way to go, but I'm not where I was either.

We just have to remember that when we have the proper view of ourselves, seeing ourselves as God sees us, He will lift us up.  We don't have to wallow in the depths of self despair, self loathing.  We can be lifted to the plane of princesses, living for Christ because of Christ.  Do I love myself?  I don't think of it that way.  I just love what Christ did for me.  That is where my mind stays in a constant state of amazement.

I created my DT sample this week using this precious image from Katlyn Traxler, KnK Designs, available now at Daydream Designs.  The challenge verse and her image came across my desk at just about the same time.  A serendipitous delight!  They coordinate perfectly.  What is more gentle and humble than a little bunny?  Our God delights in lifting us closer and closer to Him.  I pray you will shed yourself of yourself (a life-long process for us all), and turn to the Father who loves you so much.

Sets Used:

10 sheets / 6 x 6 / 300 ppi / resizable
(Designed by Kris Breach for Daydream Designs)

1 image / 3 sentiments / 300 ppi / resizable
Designed by Katlyn Traxler


  1. Aww... This is soo cute!! I just love the colors and the buttons, as well as the fun papers. The cloud paper is just perfect. :) I appreciated your post too!


  2. I love the papers you chose for your card! Quite stunning!

  3. Those two do go perfectly together, Diane!! I love what you wrote, all things I have thought as truth and tried to instigate into my daughters as they were growing up. It is easy to think too highly or too lowly of oneself, but shedding oneself of oneself is the best advice. I am sorry to hear you're on crutches...I do hope and pray that time to she'd those will be very soon!

  4. This is a very sweet creation Diane - have a lovely day my friend.

  5. What an awesome card! Love the adorable images and love this verse.

  6. Really sweet card!! Fun papers and buttons with that adorable image and wonderful verse!!
    Thanks for sharing about our self-image! We really need to see as God sees!!

  7. What a beautiful card! It is wonderful!

  8. Diane your card is so beautiful and what a wonderful verse! Thank you for sharing those words - thank you for the encouragement to keep focused on what Christ has done for us! Sorry to hear that you're on crutches / wheelchair and I'm praying your ankle gets better soon. Elizabeth


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