Thursday, January 30, 2014

Word Art Wednesday: Does God Hear You? (Free Digi Stamps)

If I were to be perfectly honest, I've never been a very good listener.  However, I can hear that resounding AMEN from my husband right now!!!  I can't tell you how many times I've asked him something like, "What's your POA (plan of action) for today?" And he will respond with, "I just told you."  The minute I ask a question, I'm already on to the next thing on my mental agenda.  In one ear and out the next....that's my middle name.  I'm not sure when that started.  Maybe it's a symptom of  adult ADD, but it happens a lot....a LOT.  Now, so all the heat doesn't fall on me, my hubby is starting to get a little hard of we experience a comedy of auditory errors in our household all the time!
Our challenge verse (and free digi) for this week at Word Art Wednesday, gives us an amazing promise.  When we cry to our Lord, when we engage in communion...with Him, He never, ever, ever turns a deaf ear to us. 

Do you see a key ingredient in our fellowship with the Father?  Waiting patiently for His response.  I know you've been in a place in your life where you have wondered if God hears you.  Think back on those times.  Were you patient for His answer?  Since I'm into making confessions today, I'll confess that I'm not particularly patient either.  If something is broken, I want it fixed right now.  If a relationship is strained, I can't leave it alone.  If wrongs need to be righted, it needs to get straightened out now.  If I can clearly see a solution, everyone around me should see the same ready solution and act upon it.  Get the picture? more confession.  I don't particular relish asking God to give me patience either.  Why?  Because then I'd have to wait.  And I'm not a good waiter.  I'm much better at worrying that waiting.  Several years ago the theme song to the movie Fireproof (Kirk Cameron), was one of my favorites.  I bought the CD with the song (sung by John Waller) and listened to the lyrics over and over again. Unrelated to anything about my marriage, God used that song to teach me an important lesson about waiting on Him.

My family and I have been in a real season of waiting this past year.  We've seen God's hand move in miraculous ways that have proved the wait was worth it.  In other areas, we are still waiting, and the wait is painful.  It's so hard to wait.  But the song offers some important principles that will help us while we wait if we heed the truth of the message.  Here's a video of the song with lyrics.  Pause a moment to listen. 

We don't passively wait upon the Lord.  We are to actively wait.  While we are waiting for the answer or for God to intervene, what are we to do?
maintain hope
be patient
keep moving
live in obedience
Keep being faithful, running the race set out before you, and replace worry with expectant hope. 

Does God hear you?  Absolutely.  Will He intervene? He will incline toward you...He will come to us and touch our lives in amazing ways.  Does He care?  He cares more deeply about our hearts, our devotion, our service, our worship, than anything about our circumstances.  Are you waiting on something from God?  Wait patiently.  Serve Him and worship Him while you are waiting!

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