Monday, September 9, 2013

When HOPE is in Season... (FREE Digi Stamps)

But God will never forget the needy;
 the hope of the afflicted will never perish.
Psalm 9:18

My husband has pastored for years and now serves as a hospice chaplain among his other busy jobs.  He and I have both been blessed to experience first hand the power of hope in hurting people. The human spirit craves life, and even when life diminishes, rarely is hope extinguished.  Embers of hope glow even more brilliantly among those who know in whom their hope lies.  Believers have been given a precious promise from God. He will never....never...forget the afflicted child of God.  Their hope endures because God's promise to them will never perish.  I watched the face of an elderly lady in our church literally glow with the hope that was hers, and she was less than 24 hours from seeing her hope burst into unimaginable victory.

We can hold out the power of hope to those who need it, and celebrate with those who have conquered the worst of challenges.  Daydream Designs honors all who have won and lost while here in this life with our collection called Hope Endures.  Here are a few of my cards using the sets.

For the these cards I used the yellow sets--images and papers. Yellow can represent bladder or bone cancer, but always represents the tragedy of childhood cancer. 

The card below showcases the purple/lavendar set--used for a variety of cancers and diseases, like Alzheimer's.

The most common color in Awareness ephemera we see is pink representing breast cancer.  Few of us would be untouched by the far-reaching results of this challenge.

These sets are now available in our store, Daydream Designs.  I'll just post the photos of the individual sets so you can see them, but go to our Hope Endures:  Awareness Sets page for product information.  
Pink Ensemble (Breast Cancer)

Yellow/Gold Ensemble  (bone, bladder and all childhood cancers.

Purple/Lavendar Ensemble (ALL cancers and Alzheimer's Disease)

Blue Ensemble  (Color/Prostate Cancer)

Puzzle Ensemble (Autism)

Thanks for stopping in.  You are free to take the FREE digi at the top of the page, and enjoy this one as well.


  1. Hi Diane - that was a beautiful write-up -I am sending a personal email to you regarding my Mother in law - have a blessed day and your cards are just lovely! Gail

  2. Hi, Diane. I love that you are doing this line for Hope. All our lives have been touched by cancer. I just lost my mother-in-law a few weeks ago, my Dad about 18 months ago, and my Mom in 2002. I love that you are doing digital papers as well.
    I will be following your creative adventure.

    Life is good with kReN@
    Come and see what I've done lately!

  3. Diane,
    This is so amazing. What a wonderful set you have created. As a Palliative Care nurse I have seen so many sad things. Hope is such a lifeline.

  4. What a sweet honor. Thank you for the inspiration and I LOVE your digitals. I'll be shopping soon!

  5. I am a breast cancer survivor and really appreciate the thought that went into these stamps.

  6. Nice collection of images!
    Thanks for the butterfly freebie :)

  7. Thanks so much for the freebie butterfly!

  8. Hi, i am unable to find anywhere where i could purchase these Hope Endures: Awareness Sets page for product information. No page appears. Do you still have these please as exactly what i am after. Sorry for posting here but did email and got returned back saying failed to be delivered Thankyou

    1. Hello, Manda. Thank you for your interest in these digital stamp sets. I just sent you a PM on Facebook. If you will PM me back with your email we can start to dialogue that way instead of giving out our emails publicly here. Thanks again.


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