Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lullabye Baby

Mustard Seed Faith Challenge
Baby Card / Psalms

There is something simply heavenly about rocking a baby to sleep and singing over your child or grandchild.  I rocked both my boys to put them to sleep at night and absolutely loved that special time of singing to them and praying over them.  I also played music (soft classical) all night long.  I prayed every night over my boys for three things...for their future mates to be godly women, for them not to meet with a violent or painful end and for them to be godly men who loved and served Jesus with their whole heart.  They are grown men now.  My older son is married to a beautiful Christian woman and he is a very dynamic pastor.  My younger son, who also married a beautiful believer, has children of his own, and we recently celebrated the first birthday of his youngest.  

This little live-wire does love to cuddle up on grammie's soft lap and snuggle in for a snooze.  And I'm still singing...and still praying.  

And what a joy to see my baby hold his baby for sleep time too...

And seeing sweet time with mama...

 As I pray over my adult children who bless me so much, and my grandchildren who are now a double blessing, my prayer is reflected in Psalm 103: 16-18

But from everlasting to everlasting
    the Lord’s love is with those who fear him,
    and his righteousness with their children’s children—  
with those who keep his covenant
    and remember to obey his precepts.

God continues to answer the prayers I prayed so many years ago over my He is blessing the prayers of my sons over the fruit they are bearing through their ministry and children.

What an amazing legacy of faith in our family of men...Photo above was about a year ago in our husband (a preacher) with his dad (a retired pastor). 

Both my grandsons have made professions of faith within the last 2 years.  In fact, Daniel, the younger one, is being baptized this Mother's Day (2017).  His grandpa David will baptize him as he did CJ two years ago.  As we celebrate the faith of my family and watch this amazing symbol of obedience to Christ by my grandson, I can't help but believe those prayers as I rocked my babies years ago made a difference, because God honored them and blessed me with these answers that you see here.

When we keep God's Word, sing it and pray it over our children, it will have an everlasting effect.  I believe that with all my heart.  

I'm submitted this card as my DT sample for the Mustard Seed Faith Challenge to make a baby card and relate to a psalm in scripture as a lullaby.  I hope the story of my rocking my babies, and now my grandson as I sing God's Word over them is a testimony to the power of what this challenge represents.  

AND for those of you who have children, may I recommend an amazing discovering I recently made.  If you haven't heard of the Scripture Lullaby CDs available online...rush there to purchase they are the new music I now play for Lukas.  My husband and I fall asleep with them every night and my daughter-in-law makes sure Lukas has them on while going to sleep...and she now plays them all night long for him.  God's Word, sung over our children.  That will produce more JOY than we can imagine!  Here's a sample!  Enjoy!



  1. Hello, my friend! :o)
    Thank you so much for sharing about your family! It's lovely to read.
    Your card is beautiful! I really like how the background looks like a cozy quilt.
    Thank you for sharing about the CDs too. I'll have to see what I can do about getting some!

  2. Diane, loved seeing the photos of your family. Boy those boys are getting so big. What a blessing to have them love the Lord. The other day several friends on facebook were talking about what they wanted most for Mother's day. I realized that I have what I want, my children to love the Lord. and that includes my two children in love. Praying now for my grandson to make that decision. Love the idea of the scripture lullabies. Love how your quilt card looks.

    1. Thanks for stopping in, MariLynn! Time is flying, isn't it?!

  3. I love the photos you shared of your family. I know what peace it must have placed in your heart to have your grandchildren make that profession of faith, no wish is so dear to a mother or grandmother as to see her descendants walking in the light!!! Your posts are always refreshing to read.

    1. Thanks, Peggysue! Always good to have you stop in when you can!


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