Monday, April 24, 2017

Do You Ever Want to Fly Away?

 "And I say, 'Oh, that I had wings like a dove! 
I would fly away and be at rest; 
yes, I would wander far away...
I would hurry to find a shelter 
from the raging wind and tempest'." 
(Psalm 55:6-8)


Who of us hasn't wanted to run away from it all...just leave the worries, responsibilities, troubles behind and find a place of rest and shelter. Of course, all of us have wanted that. Even King David wanted to fly away. There are times when life is just so hard that we wonder if the struggle, pain, heartache, or thought is worth it.

In our flesh, we would probably answer, "No, this isn't worth it." But most of the time it is...because of what God can do with our challenges. The problem always is, God's timing usually takes longer than our patience or endurance lasts. God knows that. I believe He often waits to intervene until we fully relinquish our struggle to Him, until we lay it all at His feet in full surrender. When we've spent ourselves in sleepless nights and anguished worry, we come to the Savior and hand our emptiness to Him. That's the only way He can fill us be emptied of ourselves, our resources, our thoughts, our ways, our plans.

The book of Psalms, chapters 55-57 shown here are full of encouragement for those who, like King David, would just love to fly away to escape our problems. I invite you to go to your Bible, spend some time in these chapters. I promise they will strengthen and encourage you. They are wonderful passages to guide your prayer time.

For my pages, I've used Sweet 'n Sassy stamps (Skinny Lowercase Alpha, Rebecca Script Alpha, and How Tweet), Copic markers to color and Washi Tape accents


  1. Your blog was right on time. I had posted to a friend no more than an hour before I was this that I wish James and I could run away from the storm we are going through. My husband been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer again. He will have to have chemo and radiation to shink this cancelation this time. But I know God will see us through. . This brought me back home..


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