Friday, October 7, 2016

The Lord Will Provide

Oh, my!  I cannot believe how long it's been since I've posted here.  It was just after my last post, that a series of unforeseen events led to our decision to sell our house, downsize and rent.  

I'm still not fully functional in my craft room at our new house, but I have been able to get back to some simple Bible art-journaling. Some of you know this was a particularly challenging move for me. First, I'd been settled in our home for 20 years. Many times throughout those years, I'd pull into the drive praising God for the home I loved. Sorting, relinquishing and packing were wearing physically and emotionally. If I could sit down with you over a cup of coffee, I could share for hours how God provided for me, how He sustained, and drew very close to me. 

Our new place is a miracle, pure and simple. We'd already invested in a tiny apartment with the prospect of moving to a duplex at the end of several months. So not only was I looking at a hard move, I couldn't really settle for a long while. God's Spirit worked in my heart so I wanted to surrender everything to Him. On the two days we showed our home for sale, I walked through the house, tearfully surrendering each room to God. I asked Him to bless my surrender and give me joy and to bless those who would walk into our home. I asked that He stay there to welcome them so they would feel His presence.

We sold our home within 72 hours of putting in on the market and we received full asking price. Then God moved in incredible ways to provide the home we are renting now, to transition us from a tiny apartment to a sprawling acreage with a gorgeous view from every window. I have meditated many times about how God brought seemingly unrelated events together to put us where we are...and where God moved in our lives to bring healing, hope and refreshment. We needed this place. I needed this place. I needed the openness of creation to feel God absolutely surrounding me.

The passage in Genesis of Abraham's surrender is a poignant picture of how God asks us to completely yield to His will, whether or not we understand. We are to shape our wills to His. That act of surrender is a transforming process. Our surrender puts us in the right position under God's authority, then it opens wide the door of His blessing. Once our hearts are fully surrendered He lavishes us with His grace and provision. Sometimes the provision is at a deep spiritual-heart level. But it can be tangible blessing as well. God gave to me the lamb in the thicket. He granted me an exchange...from heartache to overflowing joy. He once again proved to me that my surrender is not a giving up, but a gain.

 I chose to do a very simple art design and added some cut outs from Illustrated Faith. Most of my time was spent not on the artwork, but in praising God, and tearfully remembering the many ways He has been a good Father to me, providing miracle after miracle to bless my undeserving heart.

When God provides, His provision is often quite miraculous, doing what is impossible for man so we know that our circumstances are straight from the heart of God.

Sometimes our circumstances look dismal, but God makes no mistakes....ever. God Himself WILL provide even if we have to wait our short life time, He has us in His grasp.

God's ways are higher, His reach knows no end. He plucks the treasures of heaven and bestows them on the children He holds dear. He is always working for our good...even in the hard and painful times of our journey to heaven's gate. He is with us, He is for us.

He even blessed me with a sun room. David and I had talked for years about adding one to our house, but money and the architectural structure of our house limited that possibility. I think I literally gasped when I walked out to the sun room of our new house. It was as though God took my list of all the things that would delight my heart and said, "Diane, would you like me to check this one for you?" Sun room....check!

Our God is faithful and He will provide for you. But we have to lay what we hold dear on the altar of sacrifice with a willingness....a sincere, genuine willingness to give it all to Him. It is safe with Him, it is better with Him. 

It's good to be back to blogging, sharing God's Word through wee bits of "art" and a whole lot from my heart.  Thanks for being here! 



  1. Thanks Diane - that was most timely as we are starting what looks to be a very difficult journey with DH having (even more) serious health issues to come to terms with.

    1. Maxine, thank you for stopping in. I will certainly be keeping you and your husband in my prayers. May God touch your situation with His glory!!!

  2. I have missed you! will write more later. Glad to see you back.

  3. I'm so happy for you!! Yes, God is good!!


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