Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's Hard to Trust Anyone. Really? (FREE Tutorial)

We unquestioningly trust in many things.  Every chair we sit on we trust to hold us.  We trust our cars to function properly as we are hurled down the highway.  We trust airplanes to keep us in the air until we reach a safe landing.  We trust physicians when they perform serious procedures that they are skilled enough to literally put our lives in their hands.  It amazes me that a person could trust all these fallible things, yet they won't trust the sovereign, infinite Lord of the universe with their finite lives. King David was saying the same.  Kings and countries trusted their political and military power, but they wouldn't trust in the name of the Lord. 
 Word Art Wednesday anything goes (family friendly) challenge allows widespread participation and we're hoping you will share your inspirations with us.  The regular design team always manages to impress me with their artistic creativity.  So you will want to head to the WAW challenge blog the minute you leave here.

 I dug through my stash of papers and found this warm and rustic print, then matched the scripture verse to the color of the background.  I simply added a few coordinating banners, paper flowers and twine.  The glass brad holds the flower embellishing all together. 

for recoloring digital text like this scripture verse. I have instructions for 
Adobe Photoshop Elements, Paint, and changing color in a Microsoft Word document. 

I recently overheard someone say, "It's hard to know how to trust anyone these days.  You really can't trust anyone."  I thought at the time it would be a sad state of affairs if indeed you couldn't trust anyone.  But I know I can trust my God.  I can trust Him because He cannot lie, He will never change and He has already redeemed me and brought me into His family.  He will never leave me nor forsake me.  I believe this more than anything else.  I believe that if He gave His only Son for me, He will go to any lengths to keep me as His treasure.  He sacrificed so much for me, He invested His most precious Son.  He will not betray me.  I can trust Him completely.

 I do hope you will join us at Word Art Wednesday for another delightful week of inspirations. 

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  1. Diane, t his is really just so beautiful! These florals and oranges are wonderful for a happy fall card, and what a beautiful promise! We trust Him and He is always found faithful! Be blessed today!


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