Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Word Art Wednesday: Can You Hear Him? (FREE DIGI STAMPS)

Welcome to Word Art Wednesday and another opportunity to join us for an encouraging and uplifting art challenge.  Each week we provide you with FREE scripture word art to incorporate into your designs if you wish.  But you are welcome to use your own art or stamps and save this scripture art for another occasion.  We just want to openly share it with you.  We hope you'll come to our challenge blog and participate by linking your creation to our site to share with others.  Here's our wordart for this week:

God is obviously speaking to His people and speaking to the nations of the world.  Some sadly will not have the "ears to hear."  Believers all over the world are certainly in a time of testing.  They are sacrificing homes, families, even their lives to hold steadfastly to what they believe.  While they experience agony in this dark and evil world, something amazing waits for them when they live in the presence of God's glory.  We will all eat from the tree of life, but those who have given their lives for the cause of Christ will be abundantly rewarded. 

My pastor-husband has lead a number of churches during his ministry years and currently consults with churches who are experiencing conflict.  Sometimes conflict is necessary when church leaders have to ferret out false teachers or those who are causing damage to the church and name of Christ through their lifestyle practices.  No one wants to receive even loving discipline.  Church members are easily offended, and often downright disobedient to God's Word.  The church, though it will prevail in the end, is experiencing turmoil to say the least.  And church members are often caught up in the fray and are totally bewildered by the chaos and confusion the enemy incites. 

Like a deer caught in the headlights so to speak, church members have no idea how to handle the conflict biblically.  And when they don't, the cause of Christ suffers.  God will raise up His beautiful and spotless bride, even if she comes out of the ashes.  While all the forces of evil will come against God's people, the Church, we will overcome.  His promises are true, and His Word is accurate.

The Spirit of God enables the believer to know, discern, "hear" God's will.  If we are in tune with the Spirit we will know the signs of the end of days, we will anticipate every prophecy of scripture to unfold within our lifetime or after it.  We KNOW these things will come to pass because our loving Savior told us.  While we don't know the exact time, we were shown what signs there would be that the time is drawing near.  The signs are there...and the time is drawing near.  The Spirit is speaking and God is showing us through events that His Word is unfolding.  Soon the clouds will be rolled back!  Meanwhile, meanwhile...

 Listen, be watchful, be in tune with God's Word and His Spirit.  We have something amazing in the gift of our salvation; something to share with anyone who will listen.  We cannot give up, and we cannot be silent.

The tree of life will shelter us in paradise...for eternity.  We will bask in the glory of God.  We will see our Savior's face.  We will see Him fully and we will fall to our knees in gratitude for thousands of years.

Again, please join us for our challenge this week on Word Art Wednesday.  I know you'll be blessed as you visit our challenge blog.


  1. I love seeing how you mix your sets. Another beautiful and perfect card for the scripture.

  2. Lovely Card - Jesus is coming soon - and I am looking forward to going home!

  3. Diane, your post is so beautifully put, and so true. It is terrible the way so many Christians and their leaders are in bed with the world. Love the depth in this delightful card. Happy holy hugs, Carole

  4. This is beautiful, Diane! I love the beautiful glittery details and I adore the dimension on the sheep! A wonderful card! HUGS! :) Mynn xx

  5. Your card is beautiful, Diane! Love the added sparkle! Thank you for showing all the sets you used! Also a big thank you for the lovely scripture word art and the adorable sheep!

    By the way, I wanted to let you know I used one of your bingo cards as a layering element on a card I posted on my blog today - thank you! Here's a link:

    Sending joy and blessings your way!


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