Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Word Art Wednesday: Enduring Temptation

Welcome to Word Art Wednesday and another week of amazing inspiration from our DT and loyal participants.  We hope you will consider linking your "anything goes / encouraging/ uplifting" creation to our challenge blog home.  Karen Murray our graphic artist has produced another beautiful scripture for you to take and use for the challenge or on another creation in the future.  It's optional.  We have some amazing sponsors this week too, so I encourage you to join in the fun.

We are bombarded by our culture with all sorts of temptations. Aside from temptations to immorality, there are more hidden and insidious temptations for the devoted follower of Christ. We are inundated with the lure to be materialistic, or pre-occupied with secular and distracting activities...things that don't build up the kingdom of God.  Life can pull us in so many directions.  Circumstances can drag us down and tempt us to be discouraged or defeated. 

But our God never allows temptations to come our way without giving us an exit route, a way to flee those temptations.  I find that God's Word is the anchor that holds my faith and focus and directs me to purify my heart and mind.  Scripture always challenges me to cast aside the things of this world and focus on that which is pure and noble and right and true. Sometimes I literally have to run to the Bible to be able to soak up a refreshing breath of what is good again. 

I'm sure it's not a coincidence that I've been called by God this week to pray more earnestly for my husband.  He is so busy and works so hard.  He is pulled in so many directions with three very draining jobs.  He is diligent in providing for his family.  And somewhere in the midst of all is business he still must find the time, quiet, focus and energy to prepare sermons and serve people in need.  He pours out so much of himself.  I know the enemy wants to rob him of that focus and drain him of the energy required to hold it all together and proclaim God's Word each week.  So I've been more intentional about praying throughout the day for him. 

I've watched in our family and our church how Satan loves to tempt the heads of households, our men.  If he can topple the top, the spiritual leaders of the home, the rest is likely to crumble too.  So we should be diligent as Christian wives and mothers to pray over the headship of our husbands and sons.  Both of my sons desire with all their heart to emulate my husband and be godly heads of their little families.  But life and the enemy work hard against that. 

Intercessory prayer is a powerful antidote against the temptations our men face.  We can do little that is more effective in helping to guard our men against the temptations that Satan is sure to bring their way.  Even if our godly men are not tempted to sin through immorality, you can be sure they will be tempted on other fronts.  Our prayers become fortresses around their hearts. 

So I encourage you to pray for your husbands and your sons as they assume important roles as the heads of homes throughout our country.  Families and marriage are under attack as never before...and prayer is our greatest weapon to tear down the onslaught. 

Set(s) used for my sample this week:

10 sheets / 6 x 6 / 300 ppi / resizable
designed by Kris Breach for Daydream Designs

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  1. Super card - Thanks for the idea for my Gear die cut and stamps - lovely card Diane!

  2. How right you are that the men of our churches and families should be constantly kept lifted up to God for strength to overcome anything that should come at them. Your card is very pretty. A great layout design.

  3. This is fabulous, Diane! LOVE the gear paper and I love the simple design. It really makes the verse the focal point. HUGS! Mynn xx

  4. Like the use of the word art on your card. TYFS


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