Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Word Art Wednesday: Wait for God! (FREE Digi Stamps)

We hope you will join us for this week's scripture and design challenge.  Feel free to use our scripture for your creations.  We'd love for you to link up your inspiration on our Word Art Wednesday challenge blog

In our hurry-up, serve-me-fast society, "waiting" is not a nice word.  Why wait when you can have it now?  Sometimes....many times....most of the time, God desires that we be transformed by the waiting process. The command to wait upon God occurs with clear preponderance in Scritpure.  Often the instruction God gives in times of crisis is simply to wait.  Holding back human activity is not something we posses inherently.  We have to train our hearts and minds to wait upon God, even when every fiber of our being is crying out, "Do something NOW."

Our scripture challenge from Micah is one of those verses offering clear admonition to wait upon God.  We've had several challenges of late along this same theme--patience.  Maybe the Spirit is trying to tell us something...slow down, quit hurrying, quit charging ahead to take care of it on our own.  Just STOP.  Wait for the Lord to act on your behalf. 

My Sample:

As we learn to calm our spirits and wait for the Lord, we actually become more receptive to His voice.  While we wait we can continue to pray knowing with full confidence He hears our every prayer.  Right now my family is in a season of waiting.  With all our hearts we believe something needs to happen quickly for the best interest of one of our youngest family members.  Our consternation over her well being grows exponentially the longer the situation persists.  Yet our hands are tied.  We have to wait.  And the only thing we know we can do to constructively hasten the well-being of this child is to pray.  We know that we cannot rely on man's wisdom or man's plan, that only God knows what is best.  We fully believe that He is able to bring about resolution in His perfect time.  But we also know in this evil world, very bad things can happen to innocent and often very young people. And therein lies our pain.

We know full well that due to our helplessness in the matter, we have to look to God for the solution.  We are all praying, and I know with certainty these things:
  1. God cares for each person involved in this painful situation. 
  2. God covers His children with His powerful wing of protection.
  3. God is just, God is holy, and His plan is infallible, His timing is perfect.  He is sovereign.

My DT sample for our challenge this week uses several components of the My Heart Still Dances ensemble (sets are listed below).  I love the quiet grace that the images in the image set express.  One of the things that captivates me when watching a ballet is seeing immense power and control lying just beneath sheer grace and elegance.  Movements are slow, measured, executed with controlled precision, fluid.  Yet those seemingly gentle movement often veil the sheer physical power that pushes them.  These graceful dancers are so flexible, training their bodies, their limbs and muscles to execute a complicated move with seeming effortless exactness. 

Training, conditioning, patience and consistency over many hours of hard work pay off to provide a masterpiece of motion.  That is a bit what it is like to wait upon God.  We move in harmony with His will, but convergence only comes with practicing the presence of God many times throughout the course of our daily lives.  We live in Him, we move in Him, we have our being in Him.  (Acts 17:28)  Waiting and praying and trusting in God can be hard work as we struggle to shed ourselves of ourselves and our feeble efforts.  But while we wait, while we pray, while we trust, our God is singing over us, and if we dare, we can dance the dance of faith with the God of the universe in a masterpiece of surrender.

My Heart Still Dances Emsemble:

11 color images / 7 sentiments
JPEG and PNG / 300 ppi / resizable

11 color images / 7 color sentiments
JPEG and PNG / 300 ppi / resizable

13 sheets / 6 x 6 / 300 ppi / resizable

4 images and 7 sentiments / JPEG and PNG (transparent and white-filled)

6 journal mats / JPEG and PNG / 300 ppi / resizable


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Thank you for blessing my day!


  1. Thank you for the freebies Diane.

    I breathed what I call a 'thought prayer' this morning re parking at a big hospital we had to go to this afternoon - and God was so faithful to provide a park where I asked - I was so thankful. Be encouraged, as you well know God answers prayer in His perfect time. I will pray with you.

  2. I Pray for God to answer this situation quickly and positively - I understand the wait as I am going through my recovery - physically and emotionally - that you God for speaking to us through your word and helps us to wait upon you Father God - to trust you - and to know that you are still in control whatever the outcome may be - I trust in your Oh Lord - this I know - God is on my side. Have a lovely day Diane

  3. Wonderful colors and design Diane.

    Hugs Diane

  4. Another beautiful card Diane, Love those papers ;) And love the ruffled skirt, I don't even remember how to do that, lol. Praying for good health and peace in all circumstances. Love & HugsxxKris


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