Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Word Art Wednesday: Perspective is Everything! (FREE DIGI!)

Really, doesn't proper perspective have a powerful impact on the condition of our hearts?  When life closes in on us, we need to step back and get a new view...a heavenly view.  Our scripture challenge for this week at Word Art Wednesday has blessed my socks off this week.  I needed the instruction it offers.  Don't we all?  I hope you'll take a look at my sample then head to the WAW website for challenge details and the sponsor prizes for the winner. 

I've had a tough week.  If I started describing it, many would merely scoff and say, "Really, you think THAT's tough?  Let me tell you what I'm going through!"  And if they described their circumstances, I would have to retreat into my shell of shame.  Perspective.

When growing up, I attended a few pity parties.  And when my mother would notice me dressing up for one she would often remark, "You don't have to look far to see someone else who has it much worse than you.  Be grateful for what you have."  Perspective. 

When we view our "light and momentary" problems through the lens of perspective our vision is often cleared and we see things as they are.  Most of us can't imagine the death, devastation and decay that so many Filipinos are seeing in the typhoon's aftermath.  My grandsons are there.  I see it differently knowing how close my precious guys were to tragic consequences. I'm grateful they escaped, but so many didn't.  Perspective

I saw an immediate connection between the image I used for my DT sample and our verse.  This adorable snowmama tenderly lifts her child's face as if to say, "Look up.  Look at me and know that I love you."  Can't you just hear the voice of our heavenly father beckoning us to do the same?  When your heart is troubled, look up.  Perspective.

I clearly recall the crisp October day my father crossed from this life to heaven's glory.  I intentionally waited until sunset to start my solo journey home.  I prayed for a glorious sunset, and God painted a masterpiece for me that evening.  I imagined my daddy living as he had never lived before just beyond that sunset.  That night before bed, my husband and I stepped outside to look at a star-strewn sky.  The God of the universe was looking down on me, and I was looking up at Him.  Our eyes met.  I could see Him....I could see His glory as the firmament displayed His handiwork. Earth didn't seem so empty when I considered the glory of heaven.  Perspective

When life swallows your heart, look up!  Seek His glory and He will show you His amazing handiwork.  Look around.  You don't have to look far to see someone else with a bigger struggle, a deeper hurt, a longer journey or a heavier weight.  Perspective.

Have you ever stepped outside when snow is cascading to the earth in huge, down-feather flakes?  It's dizzying isn't it.  You can get lost in it.  The next time it snows like that, step outside.  Look up.  And imagine the grace of God settling over you, the spirit of God filling you, the love of God covering you...and the eyes of God giving you new perspective.  Go ahead....get lost in His glory...the the handiwork of His firmament.

Look up.  The heavens have a message for you.  They declare that the Maker of heaven and earth is mindful of you.  He knows your light and momentary troubles and He knows your tragic tribulations.  His perspective is perfect.  He sees you, knows you, and loves you.  But if you want to look Him in the eye to see glimpses of what He sees, you have to look up.  Perspective.

My sample was calming to make.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  The digital image is from an upcoming set.  Part of my light and momentary problems have included dealing with unexpected changes made by my store's host.  As it appears at this time, I will have to add all my products (600 and counting) all over again into a new store format.  What looks like an insurmountable hurdle, is really pretty small from God's perspective.  And that's where I have to shift my view.  Currently, I can't add new product, or I would be releasing this set and the one featured in last week's Word Art Wednesday.  So for now, I will simply joyfully announce this as a sneak peek!

I'll just throw up the set promo photos, and gratefully say, "They are coming soon!"   And I'll have fun in the meantime creating a few more samples to share when I really can release them.  Perspective is everything!

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May the firmaments above you show forth His glory!
Thanks for blessing my day!


  1. Hi Diane - your card is just lovely and thank you for the freebie digital today as well. I will be sending an email today as December is drawing need and time to create. Enjoy your happy day! God is soooooo Good All of the Time!

  2. Perspective. This card may have been calming to make but it is so soothing/calming to admire. The sweet pastel colors, the tenderness and those swirls all make the inside and outside of this card so beautiful. Blessings,

  3. Cute card, love the dry embossed background with the image. Thank you for the image.

  4. Sweet card, love the snowman and yes indeed having an
    "up-look" perspective certainly makes all the difference. Thanks for the free digi!

  5. I love the combination of blue and pink on Christmas cards. You're right - it is soothing, and you did an amazing job on this gorgeous Daydream Designs creation. I am blessed beyond words to have you on our Design Team again, and I pray for you and ask God to keep you healthy and strong so that you'll never leave us again! You are a blessing to me!

  6. LOVE! Thanks for the "perspective", too! Hope you're feeling blessed today! ~H

  7. LOVE! Thanks for the "perspective", too! Hope you're feeling blessed today! ~H

  8. Beautiful card!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your heart on perspective!! It blessed my heart! (and brought tears to my eyes!)

    Sorry to hear of your trouble with the store!!

  9. Beautiful card, Diane. The colors are soft and calming. Thank you for sharing all those moments of perspective, as well as the digi. It's so cute!

  10. Soooo Pretty!!! I love the colors and that cute snowman!


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