Sunday, September 22, 2013

Celebrating Life and Love!

Today was an amazing day at church.  I hadn't been for 3 weeks due to travels and illness.  It was so refreshing to be in God's house with God's people and sitting under the preaching of the Word.  We are so blessed to be a part of our new church.  They are quickly becoming family.  Our pastor's message this morning was convicting.  He's preaching through the 10 commandments, and is so skilled at pointing to the Gospel through every verse in Scripture. I'm so thankful that we can share in the life of our church, be a part of her ministries, and sit under such powerful preaching.  It takes being away sometimes to realize how much you need it all.

This week our older son and his wife celebrate their third anniversary.  My son asked me to help him make a card for Jori.  We had a blast choosing the images, and designing it together.  There have only been 2 or 3 times he's made a card, but it is a hoot to watch the process.

He decided he wanted to use the owls and I suggested a little background work from other sets.  He didn't realize before that the images could be layered to create little scenes like these...and he was impressed that it was so easy.  So we pulled the pumpkin, fence and sunflowers from Pumpkins and Sunflowers Color set, the grass from Sheep in His Pasture color set, and the owls are from the Falling for You Owls set (all displayed below). 

We manipulated the images in Publisher, but you can do it in Word, or in a photo editing program.  All the images were grouped in a one-dimensional image first. 

Because you are working with digital images, you can copy/paste the exact images used in a flattened image, cut those out separately and mount on top of the original image to create dimension. He liked that effect.  I was amused.   We just added a sentiment before printing out the original image too.  He wrote an inside message in the same font, we printed it on the coordinating blue cardstock used on the front (Pacific Point), and he added that to the inside. 

I just always get a hoot out of layering and creating little scenes with digi images.  It's easy, fast, and already has the look of professional coloring.  Even for a novice the process was easy and took only minutes to accomplish.

I'm delighted that Jeff and Jori are happily approaching their 3rd year of marriage.  And it was only 5 weeks ago we celebrated the marriage of our younger son.  Now both sons are experience the joys of being married and we couldn't be happier with the lovely bride-daughters they have brought into the family fold.  This is just truly a day to celebrate life and love and we know both emanate from the good hand of our loving God.  Life is good because God is good...always and forever.

Sets Used:

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(See also our Owl Always Love You ensemble)

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(See also our coordinating sentiments).

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  1. Hi Diane - this is truly a wonderful card - your son did a great job and his wife is going to be very impressed - congrats on your new church family as well - have a blessed day - Gail

  2. Great card. The images are sweet. Hope you are feeling better. Kathryne

  3. It's so fun that your son designed this card with you! It's such a blessing when our children see our talent and ask to participate! I'm sure Jori loved it!!!


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