Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Continual Hope and Constant Praise

Welcome to another wonderful Word Art Wednesday...where God's Word continuously inspires our art!  Our verse today is marvelous...both in content and style. Karen Murray of Papercraft Memories does a fabulous job of our word art every week, all year long, year after year.  If you have the chance, it would be a blessing to her I know to peek in on her blog and tell her how much you appreciate her scriptural artwork every week.  And while you are roaming, head to our challenge blog to see what amazing sponsors we have this week.  Karen's L. also has another thought-provoking, heart-touching devotion ready for you too.  We invite you to join our challenge at Word Art Wednesday.

A couple of week's ago I was looking for an image to symbolize a travel goal for this year.  I've always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island, the "home" of Anne of Green Gables.  I found this delightful image on Mo's Digital Pencil.  Instantly I was in love with several of her images, made a purchase and now have a delightful little stash.  But this one really pulled at my heartstrings!

If you read any of the Anne of Green Gables books, you will remember the infectious, positive spirit of Anne.  That was one of the things that drew readers to her character.  Anne could always teach a thing or two in every episode!  Arriving at Green Gables, carrying all her worldly possessions, Anne soon finds her way into the hearts of her adoptive family and the entire community of Avonlea.

Our wordart for the week goes so well with this adorable digi of Anne.  Anne always looked on the "bright side" of life and found opportunity for good in every challenge.  A positive attitude may certainly keep a smile on one's face, but it doesn't compare to the hope we have in Christ.  Hope in Christ rests on the nature of His character, not ours.  And because He is perfectly trustworthy, our hope is certain. 

Anne's adorable freckled-face smiles brought love and laughter to those who knew her.  As believers we can have the same "infectious" effect on our world as they watch us praising a loving Father who is completely trustworthy. 

Regardless of our worldly possessions, we know we have the treasures of heaven at our disposal when we trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord.  When we leave this world, we won't even be able to take one carpet-bag full of our possessions.  All will be left behind.  But what we will take with us is hearts full of gratitude and praise.  Our desire will be to praise our God more and more....more and even more!  We will want to stand around the throne of our Savior and offer constant praise for His merciful salvation.

There are life-lessons we can learn from Anne, and those lessons are sure to win friends and influence enemies.  But with a spirit-filled heart of love for the lost of this world, we can do so much more than spread a positive attitude wherever we go.  We can share the Gospel of Christ, and bring true Light into our sin-darkened world. 

I will always place my hope in God, my Father, because He has never failed me.  The older I get the more I realize what I owe and I simply want to praise Him more and more!

We certainly hope to see you over at Word Art Wednesday this week.  Post your link to your inspirational artwork so others will be inspired by its beauty!  Thanks for joining us.


  1. I LOVE this card and I LOVE Anne of Green Gables, too! I also have Prince Edward Island on my bucket list! Thank you for your words of encouragement today. I so needed to hear them this morning. Have a blessed day! ~H

  2. I love this card! Thank-you for the sentiment. Just what I needed today!


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