Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Word Art Wednesday: Sovereign God, Lord Alone

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Nothing speaks so much of God's sovereignty to me than gazing at the vast expanse of a night sky filled with stars.  Several years ago, on the evening of my dad's transition from earth to heaven, my husband and I sat on our patio in just-right coolness of the October night.  I shed a few tears, but I was mostly awed as I looked at the heavens and felt the presence and power of God so close to me.

The sky was brilliant with stars that night.  I had a blanket wrapped around my shoulders and I was sipping on a cup of hot tea.  Only one month before we had gone from knowing nothing about Dad's liver cancer to putting him on hospice then watching him step peacefully beyond the veil.  Of course as a family our emotions ran the gamut. We grieved because the loss was so sudden and great; we rejoiced because God's promises were amazing and true.  But sitting there next to my preacher husband, and sorting through more emotion than my heart could contain, my strongest feeling was one of being blanketed in God's love and nearness. The soft throw around my shoulders took the chill from my body, and the sense of God's arms around me warmed my heart and soul.  God was daddy was near.

My husband and I lingered and talked for a couple of hours.  We talked about heaven and how close the spiritual realm is to us as we wander through this temporary physical realm.  My dad used to talk about how then the veil was between the two, and on that night I knew more than ever he was right.  As a child I used to lay on a blanket with my parents and look at constellations in the sky.  I loved doing that.  I was aware when I was quite young there was a God.  Before I knew of His plan for my salvation, I knew someone had to control those stars.  Someone was up there keeping them from crashing down around us.

As I grew, nourished by the gospel, I came to understand Who it is holding those stars in place. I learned to trust the Creator who made all things, the heavens, stars and angels, the earth and all that we see here.  The first time I looked at an ocean, my immediate thought was "God did this."  I believe that to the core of my being.  God is Creator, He is Sovereign, and yet I've always felt the most amazing personal presence.  How many times as a little girl did I have conversations with God at my bedroom window staring up at the same glorious sky that filled me that October evening with brand new awe and reverence for our mighty God.  My husband held my hand.  With the other hand I reached out in front of me, and said softly to the night, "He's here, right here.  Here is the veil he spoke about.  My God and my daddy were not up among the stars somewhere... 

The glory and majesty of those stars held in place by the Creator's hand reassured me that both of my Fathers were closer than we could even imagine.  The veil is thinning.  My mother is aging, and her flesh has more and more limitations and weakness.  Her heart is already prepared and eagerly awaits the day God pulls the veil aside and let's her step into His presence.  My dad will be there waiting for her.  One by one, sooner or later, our entire family, my brother and sister with all their loved ones, my sons and their entire extended family will follow when the veil is lifted.  We will shed all that is earthly and put on all that is heavenly.

God is sovereign, and He alone is Lord.  It will not be the names of kings and national leaders, great warriors or heads of state that cause a universal bowing of knee.  There will be a day, when He who is Lord above all, thunders His Name...the Name that will usher in all justice, all righteousness, all holiness.  And at that Name every knee will bow.  Every tongue will confess that God is God, and Jesus is Messiah.  Some confessions will bring reward; other confessions will warrant just judgment.  The heavenly host will gather around the throne...and whether there will be a holy silence or a cacaphony of praise, all will know that the voice of the Sovereign has spoken and the Word will open the last remnants of the veil.

As I write, it grows dark outside.  I think I will step out on my patio and see if the stars are shining again tonight.  I will touch the dark and know without a doubt that just beyond is the Light, the Life and the Way...and my daddy is not far behind.

Here are some freebies from Daydream Designs.  When I create images or sentiments, there is almost always a story behind the art.  Hopefully these will bring to mind the glory of God as seen in the stars of His heavens.    

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  1. Oh, this is AMAZING, Diane! Absolutely stunning! HUGS and enjoy the rest of your week! :) Mynn xx

  2. Oh, Diane, what a beautiful post today about your dad! I wish I knew you when my dad went to be with the Lord and passed through the veil! What great comfort and total peace when we know that God is sovereign and holding it "all together." What a blessing you are, and this is a beautiful Scripture this week! Hugs, sweet friend!

  3. Thank you so much Diane for both your testimony of the time of your Father's passing through the veil, and for the art - I am doubly blessed.

  4. Such a beautiful card and scripture word art! What a beautiful scene! And thank you for the free sentiment and images - gorgeous! Sending joy and blessings your way!

  5. Diane, I have read this and thought about it a lot...when my Mom went to be with the Lord, some of what has made it so difficult is feeling that we are totally separated and that when I do see her again...the relationship will not be the same. I don't know...I have prayed about it. One thing I can not wait to see is her running, hopping, skipping, she was wheelchair bound so much of her life. I am thrilled for her that that is no longer the case. She is no longer restrained in any way and free to play in the light of her Savior. Thanks for sharing your story and all the ways it encourages me. Yes, I believe the veil is thinning. Your card is beautiful as well!! Have a great week, friend! You have such a gift for writing.


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