Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcome More Dreamers!

My DT call expired on February 15, and we've been getting organized to welcome two new members to the Dream Team.  I was so amazed by the applications submitted, and it's always hard to make final decisions.  I look for style and talent of course, but I also look for balance.  I am so blessed by my Dream Team members.  We are a unique group and I couldn't be more delighted that we are also growing.  More inspiration for you!  Please help me welcome...

Mynnette (Mynn) Kitchen

I'm so thrilled that Mynn is joining our team.  You are going to love her style.  It's clean, balanced and always so artfully staged.  I love her card layouts, and crisp presentation.  Her designs so beautifully showcase her primary piece, so there is never a war between vying embellishments.  Her color coordination is spot on and her overall look is relaxed.  In short her cards are a delight!  You'll want to see more of her on her blog, On a Stampage.  Here's her debut project.


Vickie Yeakley

I'm also beyond blessed to welcome Vickie Yeakley to the Dream Team.  When I first analyzed Vickie's creations the one word that kept flavoring my impressions was "versatility."  When you visit her blog, you'll see it immediately.  She flows from one creation to the next with an eye for uniqueness.  Never in a "box," she a creative flair that brings a freshness to every post on her blog, On the Fringe. She loves to play with sketches and colors so you are going to be so inspired by her artwork, as you can see from her debut project. 

It is no exaggeration when I tell you that everyday I'm so thankful for my entire Dream Team.  I'm overwhelmed that this many true artists would want to work with my images.  They are so enthusiastic and supportive, and it's just so fun to chat and craft with them.  One of my dreams is for us all to be able to meet together one day.  That would be an amazing feat.  Jill would have to travel from Indonesia, and Margaret is a Aussie.  We span the nation coast to coast and create in climates that range from Hawaii to Canada.  Some dreamers are nearly neighbors, and live in contiguous states to me.  VERY possible to get together (Helen, Mynn, and MariLynn!)   As I think about where all of these talented ladies spend their days crafting, I'm thinking the most central location is ME! Fancy that.  And I happen to have a craft room that would hold them all.  So my dream just may become a reality....who knows?

What I do know is you would love your experience if you'd visit each blog.  Hop to my sidebar and just go from one amazing artist to the next.  And help me welcome are two newest dreamers.  They'd love a cyber hug from you!



  1. So happy to see Vickie on your design team. What a great addition.

  2. I am so excited to be here, Diane! I hope I can make you proud--I LOVE your gorgeous designs! :) HUGS! Mynn xx

  3. Congratulations, to all you new dreamers


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